Quelques infos du coté de Belmont:

M1: Started some partial drivers for various games that have been requested.

MAME: Converting the Super System 22 games to read their inputs through the MCU. HLE must die! 😉

ZiNc: Fixed broken Qsound in some Capcom games. smf added missing GTE ops for Brave Blade and Bloody Roar 2. Fixed missing simulated sound in Tekken, Tekken 2, and Dunk Mania. Fixed sound simulator crash in Quiz My Angel 3. Backported latest H8/3002 and C352 from MAME. Fixed System 12 and Konami GV EEPROM saves. Fixed test menu controls for System 12. Fixed Win32 input plugin error with System 12. Synced all sets with MAME 0.86u5. Fixed so CHDs can be either in the rom directory or in a subdirectory, just like MAME.

Voici les jeux qui devraient être inclus dans le prochain Zinc (v1.0):

– Star Gladiator (JP)
– Street Fighter EX (JP)
– Street Fighter EX (ASIA)
– Street Fighter EX Plus (US)
– Street Fighter EX Plus (JP)
– Street Fighter EX 2 (JP)
– Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (US)
– Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (JP)
– Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (ASIA)
– Plasma Sword (US)
– Star Gladiator 2 (JP)
– Rival Schools (ASIA)
– Justice Gakuen (JP)
– Rival Schools (US)
– Strider Hiryu 2 (JP)
– Strider 2 (ASIA)
– Kikaioh (JP)
– Tech Romancer (US)
– Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (US)
– Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (JP)
– Tetris The Grand Master (JP)
– Sonic Wings Limited (JP)
– Beastorizer (US) *bootleg*
– Beastorizer (US)
– Bloody Roar 2 (JP)
– Brave Blade (JP)
– Psychic Force (JP 2.4J)
– Psychic Force (World 2.4O)
– Psychic Force EX (JP 2.0J)
– Magical Date EX – sotsugyou kokuhaku daisakusen (JP 2.01J)
– Raystorm (JP 2.05J)
– Raystorm (US 2.06A)
– Fighters Impact A (JP 2.00J)
– G-Darius (JP 2.01J)
– G-Darius Ver.2 (JP 2.03J)
– Dancing Eyes (JP) Ver. A
– Xevious 3D/G (JP) Ver. A
– Star Sweep (JP) Ver. A
– Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (JP) Ver. A
– Tekken (JP) Ver. B
– Tekken (WORLD) Ver. B
– Tekken (WORLD) Ver. C
– Tekken 2 (JP) Ver. B
– Tekken 2 (World) Ver. A
– Tekken 2 (World) Ver. B
– Soul Edge (JP) SO3 Ver. A
– Soul Edge (JP) SO1 Ver. A
– Soul Edge Ver. II (JP) SO4 Ver. C
– Dunk Mania (JP) DM2 Ver. C
– Dunk Mania (JP) DM1 Ver. C
– Prime Goal EX (JP) Ver. A
– Wedding Rhapsody (JP) Ver. JAA
– Hyper Athlete (JP) Ver. 1.00
– Powerful Baseball 96 (JP) Ver. 1.03
– Susume! Taisen Puzzle-Dama (JP) Ver. 1.20
– Fighting Layer (JP) Ver. B
– Ehrgeiz (JP) Ver. A
– Mr Driller (JP) Ver. A
– Aqua Rush (JP) Ver. A
– Paca Paca Passion (JP) Ver. A
– Super World Stadium 99 (JP) Ver. A
– Shanghai Matekibuyuu (JP)
– Cool Boarders Arcade Jam (US)
– Dead or Alive++
– Tondemo Crisis
– Monster Farm Jump (JP)
– Heaven’s Gate

Pas de Soucalibur (System 12) ni de Tekken 3 ou Tag, du moins pas pour l’instant….

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