Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Intellivision dont voici les améliorations:

– The game folder is no longer rescanned every time Nostalgia is run. It is only rescanned if the folder contents have changed.
– There is now a database management tool for maintaining and updating the database.
– The MiniExec and MiniGrom have been renamed so they don’t overwrite any existing Exec and Grom files.
– Better handling of .cfg files. Now supporting Write Only Memory.
– Keyboard Navigation in the menus. Thanks, James!
– Added Hardware Stretch. Now you can use a high rez video modeand stretch the image full screen for that fuzzy, retro bad TV feeling! Does not work well on some video cards.
– Added the ability to edit the game palette. Think my color choices need some tweaking? Head into Game Options and edit until your little heart’s content. BIG thanks to David Trammell for this idea.
– Added visual feedback to button presses.
– You can now specify a combination of two keys to map to a single input.
For example, you can map UPARROW and LEFTARROW to together send the NORTHWEST command to the Intellivision. Thanks to Rick Reynolds for this one!
– Palettes can be exported to a bmp file. They can be imported via the command line. -p:mypal.bmp The new palette will be saved to the registry.
– Screenshots are now saved in 8 bit palettized format. Why? This allows you to take a screenshot of your favorite game and load it into your favorite photo editor. You can now mess with the palette and see exactly what your changes will do. Now just load that palette into Nostalgia, and you’re set to go!
– Screenshots are now saved with a new naming convention: cartname_mmddHHMMSS.bmpmmonth, dday, HHour, MMinute, SSecond.
– New hand controller file. Made easier to use for those working with a frontend or game cab.
– New command line switch -c:file.ext. This allows you to specify a controller file to use. Now you can have separate files for different games.
– You can now export your hand controller file. It will generate a text file in the captures directory.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the ECS options screen from working.
– Made mouse movement a lot smoother in Menus.
– The keyboard is now enabled when using the CGC.
– Refinements to the input system to make it more reliable and maintainable.
– Changed ECS and IVoice options to be checkboxes instead of popping up a new window.
– More video changes to speed things up.
– Changes to sound routines to fix a slight bug.
– Changes to sound handling to drop sound frames if game is running too slowly.
– Fixed another bug with video capture.
– Fixed some problems with the menuing system and gfx display.
– Network play has been disabled pending updates.
– Fixed some problems in the input routines that caused crashes under certain circumstances.
– SPACEBAR now goes to the next game in the Load Cart screen.

Debugger updates:
– Now sound stops playing when you pause.
– General updates to robustness.

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