Nouvelle Update chez Haze, en voici les améliorations:

General Improvements

Minor Compiler fixes [Brad Oliver]

Removed options.color_depth (obsolete anyway) [Brad Oliver]

Compiler Fixes for VC [Bryan McPhail]
srcdriverssuprgolf.c – C99 fix
srccpum37710m37710op.h – Fixed warnings under VC
srccpupowerpcppc.c – Fixed warnings under VC
srccpupowerpcppc403.c – Fixed warnings under VC

Added default eeprom to Recalhorn to prevent crash [Bryan McPhail]

Fixed Mametesters bug sotsugyo069u3gre [Bryan McPhail].
sotsugyo: On the result screen (the one that appears when finishing a stage
i.e after the first two trials), zeroes don’t appear at all.

Modified tilemap.c so roz and RGB_DIRECT can be used together [Andrew Gardner]

Fixed I/O addresses in Hyperstone and so removed the hack from vamphalf
driver [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Yumefuda update (eeprom etc.) [Gondos, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

fixed some gfx in tmmjprd [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

i960 updates [R.Belmont]
– Added support for the following opcodes: nor, addc,
subc, atanr, sinr, cosr, tanr, atanrl, logrl, sinrl,
cosrl, and tanrl.
– Added those and some others to the disassembler.
– Added parens for the compiler warning.
– Fixed stt to only store 3 words instead of 4.
– Added logepr and cvtri.
– Fixed cmpr and cmprl – they were comparing garbage
instead of the correct registers.
– Added disassembly for movrl.
– Added scanbit.
– Rewrote flushreg, it was *totally* wrong before.
HOTD now runs, among others.
– Added hack to divo so divide by zero doesn’t crash
MAME (some games read back 0 from the not-yet-existing
DSP and do this).
– More disassembler improvements.
EXPRL, MOVRE, and CPYSRE opcodes.
– Fixed some errors in interrupt handling. Solves
corrupt graphics in fvipers and crashes in fvipers,
schamp, and dynamcop.
– Added REMR opcode.

SegaIC24 update [R.Belmont]
Add 32-bit access methods for char and tile RAM.

Grand Champion sound fix [Justin Szczap]

INP changes [Barry Rodewald]
Basically, reading/writing analog port data every single time
interpolate_analog_port() isn’t a good idea, especially since it’s called
every time readinputport() is. I’ve just moved the analogue port
reading/writing into the for loop, so analogue ports are only read/written
if the port is actually is analogue.

Dynagears dip fix [Derrick Renaud]

ZN1/ZN2 big endian fix [smf]

SPI decryption improvements (for rf2_2k) [Ville Linde]

New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Painted Lady (Splash) (Ver 1.3 US) [Manuel Abadia]

New Non-Working games / clones supported

Tatsumi Driver [Bryan McPhail]
playable to a degree, but not really working properly

Apache 3
Round Up 5
Cycle Warriors

Incredibly complex hardware! These are all different boards, but share
a similar sprite chip (TZB215 on Apache 3, TZB315 on others). Other
graphics (road, sky, bg/fg layers) all differ between games.

Sprite rotation
Finish road layer (Round Up 5)
Implement road layer (Apache 3, Cycle Warriors)
BG layer(s) (Cycle Warriors)
BG layer (Round Up 5) – May be driven by missing VRAM data
Round Up 5 always boots with a coin inserted
Round Up 5 doesn’t survive a reset
Dip switches
Various other things..

Sega Model 2 Driver [R.Belmont]
(see model2.c for list of games)
Tilemaps, sound, and inputs working to varying degrees
in various games. Most of the games at least start
up, although some don’t and some crash.

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