Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de NES dont les améliorations sont les suivantes:

– Added support for following iNES mappers:
75 (Jaleco/Konami VRC1)
79 (Nina-3 AVE)
228 (Action 52)
232 (Quattro Games)

– Fixed minor errors in APU square, noise channel emulation.

– Added support for GDI display to eliminate the automatic anti-aliasing / blurring that DirectX sometimes does in higher-resolution windowed modes.

– Added support for scanline display for higher-resolution GDI windows

– Added joypad GUI acceleration: you can perform the most important UberNES functions with extra buttons on your joypad. Using your joypad, you can now browse and select games to play in the NES Browser, load and save NES states, power off the NES emulation, and more – you no longer have to use a keyboard and mouse to use UberNES. (Click the « Acceleration » options tab for more)

– Added « Game Notes » section to NES Browser; you can now write down passwords, hints, and any other notes you want for each game in your database.

– Redesigned NES Browser layout; it now displays more information and looks much better.

– Added more box descriptions to NES database

– In conjunction with this release, we have created a NES Box Art Collection that can be easily downloaded and used with UberNES, providing the user with nearly 300 NES Box Art images. To learn more and download this collection, visit

Télécharger GCC v3.2.2 v0.63 à v0.89 (6,4 Mo)

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