Une nouvelle version de 7zip est sortie en version Beta, ça faisait un paquet de temps. Voici les nouveautés:

4.08 Beta:
– Bug in installer for v4.07 was fixed: when rebooting
is required, it rebooted without asking user
– Small fixes in 7-Zip GUI (7zG.exe)

– Big amount of code was changed in this beta version.
So don’t use it for important data compressing.
And test archive after compressing.

– Unified command line interface to GUI and console versions
– 7-Zip now can extract or test several archives in one command
– 7-Zip now doesn’t interrupt the compressing when file is locked by
other application. 7-zip just skips that file and show warning.
Note: previous versions of 7-Zip had bug, so they can not unpack
non-solid and some solid 7z archives with such skipped files.
– Command line interface was changed:
– now it’s possible to use absolute pathnames
– syntax simplification:
was: 7z a a Folder1* Folder2* -r
now: 7z a a Folder1 Folder2
– now it’s possible to use complex wildcard commands, like **111**
– More smart detection of archive type for files with unusual
file name extensions
– Supporting for RAR archives with encrypted headers
– CPIO format supporting was improved
– For GZip and BZip2 formats you can:
– Compress from stdin (-si switch)
– Compress to stdout (-so switch)
– Extract to stdout (-so switch)
– 7-Zip File Manager:
– Split and Combine commands
– new list view options: Full row select, Show grid lines
– Internal reconstruction
– Some bugs were fixed
– New localizations: Friulian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Tamil, Thai

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