Nouvelle version beta de VJ SDL.

For the people who are interested. I’ve released a public beta of Virtual Jaguar v1.0.7 which has my new OpenGL rendering code which allows me to render 256×256, 512×256 and 512×512 sized textures in 16, 24 en 32 bpp format. At the moment, this beta uses the 512×256 @ 16bpp textures, this used to be 512×512 @ 32 bpp, which *should* resolve the time loss during the conversion from the 16 bpp SDL_Display containing the VJ buffer to an OpenGL texture and *should* be nice to people with 64MB gfx adapters

Hopefully, this version be speedier then using the more timeconsuming 16bpp -> 32 bpp conversion routines. When all goes well, this should arrive in CVS soon. Please post your findings in this thread only!

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