Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Spectrum 48, 128, 128+2, 128+2A/+3 et Pentagon pour windows (95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP).

En voici les améliorations:

A small pause added between TAP blocks while loading tape from .TAP image (otherwise some tape-disk copy progs could not work properly).
[*] Some improvements of file open dialog (Back/Forward in history, pressing char moves to a next file with correspondent name).
[*] Small change in work with joysticks: now these are captured only on switching joysticks on (Alt+J or Control | Joystick On), or if joysticks are set on permanently.
[-] A problem fixed with non-restoring usual mouse cursor when emulated prog uses mouse and reset Spectrum by itself (e.g. in result of Quit command in some disk commanders).
[-] Loading memory block in the Dubugger did not lead to update code listing immediately. Fixed.
[*] Small change in TR-DOS disk saving: now all the sectors are stored including containing all zeroes. There were possible problems with non-standard sized sectors.
[-] Loading files from Disk Browser via double-click or enter selected file in the catalog did not reset video page to 0. Fixed.
[-] Debugger was crashed when debugging step-by-step in 256 colors mode, fixed.
[-] A crush fixed which could occur when using Time 2 seconds back on some 256 colors games (with GFX Screen XOR buffer turned on, actually seems not used until now yet though).
[+] LoadFDI.dll, LoadTD0.dll are provided to load and save FDI, TD0 disk images (though TD0 is saved without compression).
[+] LoadZX.dll and LoadSP.dll are provided to load and save .ZX and .SP snapshots.
[*] Sprite Finder made available without switching to 256 Colors mode.
[-] Some fixes for 256 Colors mode emulation.
[+] Command line option /ESCEXIT added (if run with this option, ESCAPE exits the emulator immediately).

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