– Une nouvelle version de virtuaNes vient de voir le jour dont voici les améliorations:

-Because revises plug-in, please pay attention.
-Change FDSplugin.dll.

-Addition of game option setting making a fine adjustment with the user side.
(when setting is stored and sets in « GameOption.ini » once, start by the setting
after the next time)
-Support PAL.
(set with a game option)
-Did an illegal check of a NES header, and asked whether you executed when illegal.
-Addition of a various viewer.
-Add Mapper90 and 187.

-Because a format of a movie file changed, get impossible to load the movie of a
former version.
-Sent DIALOG where a CRC check loaded state data and a movie in case of ON.
(Please do that it turns an option into OFF to load by self responsibility.
Do not guarantee damage of save data at all.)

-A small revision of Rectangle wave and Triangle wave.
-A revision of DPCM interrupt.
-A small revision of a NSF player.

Télécharger VirtuaNES 0.97e (373.3 Ko)

Site officiel de VirtuaNes

– De même une nouvelle version de BNes, un émulateur Nes écrit en Basic vient de sortir, quelques bugs ont été éliminés.

Télécharger basicNES 2000 v1.5 dl1 (56.7 Ko)

Site officiel de BNes

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