– Une nouvelle version de virtuaNes vient de voir le jour dont voici les amĂ©liorations:

-Because revises plug-in, please pay attention.
-Change FDSplugin.dll.

-Addition of game option setting making a fine adjustment with the user side.
(when setting is stored and sets in « GameOption.ini » once, start by the setting
after the next time)
-Support PAL.
(set with a game option)
-Did an illegal check of a NES header, and asked whether you executed when illegal.
-Addition of a various viewer.
-Add Mapper90 and 187.

-Because a format of a movie file changed, get impossible to load the movie of a
former version.
-Sent DIALOG where a CRC check loaded state data and a movie in case of ON.
(Please do that it turns an option into OFF to load by self responsibility.
Do not guarantee damage of save data at all.)

-A small revision of Rectangle wave and Triangle wave.
-A revision of DPCM interrupt.
-A small revision of a NSF player.

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– De mĂŞme une nouvelle version de BNes, un Ă©mulateur Nes Ă©crit en Basic vient de sortir, quelques bugs ont Ă©tĂ© Ă©liminĂ©s.

Télécharger basicNES 2000 v1.5 dl1 (56.7 Ko)

Site officiel de BNes

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