Nouveaux builds de Zsnes compilé par Ipher dont voici les nouveautés:

– Fixed a strange crashing bug in 239 line games when interpolation is enabled [pagefault]
– More accurate way of calculating timing for CPU cycles [pagefault]
– Remove warning about 32 bpp since it is no longer an issue [pagefault]
– Starfox 2 flickering Fixed [pagefault]
– Made battery for SFX more meaningful, fixed SRAM not being cleared. [Nach]
– SuperFX 20mhz timing fix [pagefault]
– Fixed GUI laggyness problems hopefully. (Linux) [pagefault]
– Reset now doesn’t reset parts of RAM that shouldn’t be. [Nach]
– Begin work of socket server for automation [pagefault]
– Update copyright date and change text touoe ‘ZSNES Team’ on startup [pagefault, ipher]
– z now disables stereo sound insted of enabling it, because it is on by default anyway [pagefault]
– Updated -m in help to be more specific [pagefault]
– SDL port is now way more CPU usage friendly, no longer uses 100% [kode54, pagefault]
– Removed breakpoints for Mario Chip 1 and GSU-1. [Nach]
– Fixed the DSP-1 not getting unloaded error. [Nach]

Notice: While this WIP plays Star Fox 2 without flickering, it still has major problems. NO EMULATOR CURRENTLY PLAYS STAR FOX 2 PERFECTLY.

Télécharger Dualis R20.4 (277,9 Ko)

Télécharger iDeaS v1.0.4.0 (241,0 Ko)

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