Voici la nouvelle version de cet émulateur Sinclair Zx Spectrum dont voici les nouveautés:

2.5 R2.4
[-] When the background was changed in 256 Colors mode, it was not redrawn internally until something else were changed in Spectrum screen. Fixed, and now background (Bnn) is changed immediately.
[+] In the Palette Editor, Gamma editing added affecting entire palette.
[*] Small changes in 256 Colors mode emulation, to prevent GFX data loosing during sprite rotation (AticAtack).

2.5 R2.3 post-final
[-] Sprite Finder fixed (could crash the emulator scrolling to bottom in View All Banks mode in the GFX Editor).
[-] In GFX Editor, toolbar button Edit Palette could be unavailable under XP with Themes turned on.

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