GoodSNES vous permet de renommer vos roms Nintendo SNES.
Cette version reconnait 11337 roms.

Nouveautées :

– Fixed bug in detecting some 32K PD roms.
– HUGE update, many thanks to the guys at FFE for the CDs and to everyone who supplied files.
– ‘convert’ option will now deinterleave and strip the header from EVERY ROM in the database. This makes a lot of ‘bad’ ROMS work in ZSNES and snes9x now. See docs for more details.
– ‘forcexbox’ reworked, no more duplicate names.
– The info window now closes automatically, so GoodSNES can run in unattended batch mode.
– The official IRC channel has moved! The old server is now spammed up and useless, The new server is #rareroms.

– HELP WANTED: Everyone wants 7Z support, If someone can provide console based C code to uncompress/list a 7Z that does not require Windows GUI/COM, I’ll gladly add it to the tools.

En savoir plus…