Un émulateur Intellivision qui supporte l’ECS et les claviers (musique).

INTELLIVOICE!!! Yes, the Intellivoice is now supported! Drop in the ivoice.bin (or whatever yours in named) and listen to that sweet, sweet robitic voice. You can now have Nostalgia automatically update your video frame skip. This will allow Nostalgia to adjust its frame rate to match your hardware speed. Enabled by default.
ECS and Intellivoice are now controlled by switches in the gamedatabase. You will not have to manually enable them.
They can still be manually forced on/off via command line switches. You can now select an option to go directly to the load cart screen, skipping the main menu entirely. Thanks, David!
New command line switches:
-IVOICE -NOIVOICE : force the Intellivoice on or off.
-l : Go directly to the cart loader screen.
« .itv » added to the list of acceptable cartridge extensions.
Tremendously improved error reporting inside the game. You’ll now have more information on why your favorite game won’t load.

Debugger updates:
Massive improvement to tracing interface. You can now specify an arbitrary number of log and break points. They will be saved in triggers.cfg, which is human-readable and editable.
You can now view the logfile via a button on the main interface.
You can also set a flag to have the logfile pop up after each run.
Tracing now handles Intellivoice instructions. The jumps even tell you which subroutine in ROM you’re jumping into.
HUGE increase in speed in the trace dump operation.
Added options to change how memory gets initialized on startup.

Télécharger Nostalgia 5.0 (908,8 Ko)

Télécharger Nostalgia-Debugger 5.0 (181,9 Ko)

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