Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Intellivision dont voici les améliorations:

– Game Manuals are now supported! Manuals must be in text format, and have the same name as the box image file. They go in the Manuals folder, which is customizable in the dbTool. eg:
– Astrosmash – Meteor.jpg Image
– Astrosmash – Meteor.txt Manual
– Mousewheel is now supported in the cart loader and manual viewer screens.
– Keyboard now functions when CGC is connected.
– CGC is now enabled by default if it is connected.
– You can now use CGC or Joystick in the menu screens.
– dbTool will now save any changes to the current ROM when you press Save – you no longer have to press « Update Entry » if you’re just editing the one file.
– HUGE bug in command line handling fixed. Thanks to Jason for reporting.
– Fixed a bug in the Intellivoice / ECS switches in the database.

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