Razoola vient de sortir une nouvelle version de Kawaks, qui gére les mêmes romsets que Mame, ainsi que le dernier dump de Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japan 980904), qui date d’aujourd’hui.

– New drivers:
D&D: Tower of Doom (Japan 940125)
Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japan 980904)
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Hack M1) runs bad
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Hack M2)
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Hack M3)
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Hack M4)
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Hack M5)
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Hack M6)
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Hack M7)
Street Fighter II’ – C.E. (Turyu)
Street Fighter II’ – H.F. (World 921209)
Ninja Combat (set 2)
2020 Super Baseball (set 2)
V Liner Combat (set 2)
Ghostlop (prototype)
– Renamed MSHJ to MSHJR1.
– Renamed DDTODJ to DDTOTJR1.
– Renamed VHUNTJR1 to VHUNTJR2.
+ Changed 2020 Super Baseball to match MAME.
+ Changed Street Fighter Alpha to match MAME.
+ Changed Cyberbots sets to match MAME.
+ Changed Dynasty Wars World and Japan ROMs and names to match MAME 086u4.
+ Added a kludge to stop Johns megasmasher super move in AOF2 to freeze.
* Fixed the graphic glitches in the game ending text with kof99 when you beat the game using the team with Ryo,Robert,Yuri and Takuma in.

A noter que le nouvel Xor est téléchargeable sur le mirror officiel de Cps2Shock.

Les screenshots sont également à jour.

Télécharger Kawaks v1.65 (552,5 Ko)

Télécharger Screenshots Preview Pack v1.65 (8,6 Mo)

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