Nouvelle preview pour cet excellent émulateur de PC-Engine.

– new CD-DA code: faster and better synchro. In case the default settings don’t work for you there are three new options in the pce.ini file to control how are managed the CD-DA buffers. The more important option is the buffer size, the higher the slower, the default is 2 now, it was 20 in PR 1.
– added a vsync option, with a special mode for windowed mode.
– cleaned up the gamepad code and added additionnal debugging infos to the log.txt file.
– the ROM path is now saved when you exit.
– added two options to disable the FPS counter and the PSG volume meter.
enabled the turbo option.
– temporary fix for the boot CD menu bug. Only one drive is listed now even when you have more than one, the one listed will be the first drive that has a PC-Engine CD loaded, if you change it it will change in the menu too. I couldn’t test this feature though, so let me know how well it works.

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