Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Multi-Console Sega 8bits dont voici les améliorations:

– [DOS/UN*X] Fixed ZIP file support which was accidently disabled
in version 0.69.
– Improved auto frame-skipper precision by a minor amount.
(on another hand, it still manage to skip frames badly).
– Disabled keys 0 to 9 to set a save state slot directly.
Those conflicted with some existing and future features.
Hope that noone will be annoyed!
– Added ALT-ENTER hotkey to switch between fullscreen and windowed drivers.
It works in both GUI and Game mode, although the setting is not saved in
Game mode (due to the way the MEKA.BLT file works now).
– Added an option to allows pressing opposite directions on the joypad.
Although standard SG/SMS/GG controllers do not allow that, certain
type of controllers (or a modified or broken one) may allow it.
This serve the purpose of demonstrating a bug in « Wonder Boy in Monster
Land », where pressing Left and Right on the same time confuses the game.
It is also useful in the case some creative genius SMS programmer would
want to take advantage of that weird feature to do unusual things for a
soon-to-be released SMS software.
– Fixed priority of Sega Keyboard (SK-1100) emulation, so that not colliding
hotkeys are still available while SK-1100 is enabled.
– Memory Editor now share inputs focus with game. It makes hacking easier.
Of course you can always pause (F12) or remap controls if needed.
– Fixed state of debugger window (bug introduced in 0.69).
– Updated translations:
– Dutch translation (by Mark van Tilburg).
– Swedish translation (by Henrik Sankala).
– Redneck translation (by some redneck in UK).

– Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists.

Télécharger Meka (Dos) 0.64b (744,0 Ko)

Télécharger Meka (Win) 0.73 (745,2 Ko)

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