Une nouvelle version de Nebula vient de sortir, voici les nouveautées :


– Z80 is fully emulated, that means, correct sounds and music in games. The sound chip emulation is not 100% accurate so some notes in music are wrong. I’ve added an option to disable the music in the Options menu.
– Fixed savestates in KOV games. (old savestates will still not work, only new ones will be correct).
– Fixed text layer position being wrong by 1 line.
– Added shot factory (F8)

CPS 2 :

– Fixed a palette sync problem that caused part of the charlie stage in sfa2 flash out of sync.
– Scanlines in 640×480 are now correct (again). Use No stretch go get them correctly.

Neo Geo :

– Fixed sengoku3 decrypted driver.

General :

– Added language switch for the menus (check the english.lng file in the skins dir for a template for translation)

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