Cet émulateur Atari 2600 pour dos de John Saeger a été updaté. Voici les nouveautées :

– Support for the Kid Vid games (Smurf Saves the Day and Berenstein Bears)
– Press 1, 2, or 3 to select the corresponding tape. F1 rewinds the tape.
– In addition to the rom images, you need the wave files with the music in
the same directory as z26. The files are named: KVB1.WAV, KVB2.WAV, KVB3.WAV, KVS1.WAV, KVS2.WAV, KVS3.WAV, KVSHARED.WAV.
– You can also play the games without the music, but it’s much less fun.
– Randomized the INTIM value for Berzerk.
– Driving controllers can be enabled for each port separately.
– Changed order of palettes when using the palette switch key.
– Added direct support for some more of Thomas Jentsch’s NTSC Rom hacks.

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