Voici ENFIN, après des mois de WIP, la version Finale de Zsnes 1.40, voici les améliorations de cette version dont des tonnes de nouveautés sont présentes, pour moi le must de lémulateur SuperNES, les améliorations (aller c’est Noël, je paste la page complète^^):

DOS Only:
* – Fixed cublic spline interpolation. It should actually save the option now! [pagefault]
* – Fixed other various DOS sound bugs. [Nach, pagefault]
* – Fixed a frameskipping bug. [pagefault]

Windows Only:
* – Updated icon with Windows XP compliancy. [cdbsi]
* – Added new disable screensaver code. [pagefault]
* – Added a CPU utilization fix. [kode54, pagefault]
* – Added 48khz sound support, updated sound code, and fixed sound bugs. [pagefault, Nach, ipher, StatMat]
* – Fixed a couple of input bugs, such as one concerning the 5th joystick and another that made the mouse get stuck in an endless loop. [pagefault]
* – Removed alternate timer. [pagefault]
* – Fixed Netplay freezing bug. [pagefault]
* – Many new video features, including (but not limited to): HQ2X, HQ3X and HQ4X graphic filters, support for hi-res and D modes in 32bpp windowed mode (now default), new aspect ratio code for scaling, and the KitchenSync (usable only via the commandline). [MaxSt, pagefault, Darkfalz]
* – Fixes for video code errors, such as those that occured when alt-tabbing in fullscreen, MMX interpolation fixes, and blitter fixes. [pagefault, zsKnight]
* – Snapshots are now numbered and use the full ROM file name. [Nach]
* – Renamed Windows version to Win32. [pagefault]
* – Win32 port can now also be compiled with MinGW (but we won’t support it till the next release). [Nach]

All Ports:
* – Added multiple timing tweaks, fixed various emulation bugs, and many other technical updates, including (but not limited to): SPC core updates (with improved sound decoding), safer memory allocation in certain areas, HIRQ and VIRQ fixes, color add/sub and color bleeding fixes, HDMA improvements, sprite priority and flickering fixes. Many more games work Very Happy. [pagefault, _Demo_, Nach, TRAC, Overload, theoddone33]
* – Overhauled a lot of code, such as checksum calculation and mirroring code. Overhauled and added much better EHi/Hi/Lo ROM code, improved reset vector, changed much hard coding to variables. Fixed more SRAM bugs than can be counted. Made optimizations to complex loading functions, syntax, memory init (Thanks kode54), execution, and initialization code. Also greatly improved PAL/NTSC detection. Also now has much better chip detection and gives more informative chip names. More games which never loaded before now load properly, such as Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2 now loads and plays great without the Dejap patch. [Nach]
* – Cleaned up, overhauled, removed, and ported a lot of code (asm to C). [pagefault, MKendora, Nach]
* – Overhauled IO latch behavior, added proper latching behavior and other latch fixes (such as proper latching of bit 7 on $4201), and added proper behavior of RDIO regs. [pagefault]
* – Removed many, many hacks. [Nach, pagefault]
* – There have been some modifications and reorganizations of the GUI, including new path setup and chip configuration windows and a reorganization of the Game Key window. [pagefault, Nach]
* – Updates to the video code, with enhancements of triple buffering, better input support in the video dialog, and other general video code updates and bug fixes, such as a fix for the 60hz mode. [pagefault, MaxSt]
* – New extra options are now available in various locations, like the « GUI burning effect », new commandline options, a new quick key to control players 1/2 with 3/4, and smaller message text. Some obsolete ones have been removed. [pagefault]
* – Some changes in the Input configuaration: Hitting « Set Keys » is now prevented if controller is set to « None ». Also, if no controller is selected, the settings of the individual keys are now locked. [Nach]
* – Updated default configuration, in general. For example, stereo sound is now enabled by default at 32khz, with gaussian interpolation. [pagefault]
* – Signed saturation fix for gaussian interpolation (Thanks kode54). [pagefault]
* – Fixed several Netplay issues. [_Demo_, pagefault, Nach]
* – Fixed some of our .zmv movie recording problems. [Nach]
* – Fixed a small bug in SPC saving. [pagefault]
* – Fixed issues with config file saving. [pagefault, Nach]
* – Fixed PNG snapshot filenames and PNG height. [StatMat, Nach]
* – Fixed DIP switch 2 on Super System. [pagefault]
* – Fixed an auto frameskip issue (Thanks MKendora). [pagefault]
* – Fixed rewind when using commandline filename. [StatMat]
* – Fixed some issues when loading ROMs via command line. [Nach]
* – Removed ROM info that appears when loading via command line. [Nach]
* – Added a command-line savestate fix. [StatMat]
* – Fixed an annoying savestate bug. [pagefault]
* – Super Bases Loaded 2 works better, due to a fix in DSP-1 mapping. [_Demo_]
* – Horai Gakuen works better, due to a special fix. [_Demo_]
* – Lufia 2 problems are now fixed. [pagefault]
* – Emerald Dragon now works – again. [pagefault]
* – Many updates on the SPC7110, such as normal timing, special ratio removal, and better pack loading code. [_Demo_, pagefault, Nach]
* – Removed SPC7110 logger and S-DD1 test. [grinvader]
* – Removed support for interleaved SuperFX ROMs. [Nach]
* – Added several improvements and memory map adjustments for more accurate BS emulation. [Nach, pagefault]
* – Added call init code for DSP-2,3, and 4. [pagefault]
* – Added better support for split ROMs with headers and detecting interleaved ROMs. [Nach]
* – Added support for many more ROM extensions. [Nach]
* – ROM info now dumped to rominfo.txt on game load. [Nach]
* – Added more information lines on ROM load, such as CRC32, video, and bank information. [pagefault, Nach]
* – Added support for some NSRT features, such as NSRT header support and support for ROMs using NSRT’s JMA compression format. [Nach]
* – Zipped ROMs no longer need a temporary directory. [Nach]
* – Added better handling of bad files. [_Demo_, Nach]
* – Implemented soft IPS patching functionality, with in-zip file support, buffering, and RLE support. [Nach]
* – Added a compatibility update to PPU. Passes one more electronics test (Thanks MKendora!). [pagefault]
* – Fixed variable types in many locations, ZSNES can now play games without hacking the binary to make code segments writable. [Nach]
* – Added motion blur (Thanks ipher for fixing the entry in the GUI). [pagefault]
* – Made ZSNES more HTPC friendly. [pagefault]
* – Fixed many compiler warnings, added compiler optimizations, and more compiler fixes and code cleanups. [Nach, MKendora, theoddone33, pagefault, ipher, SamB]
* – Unicode support partially supported. Will complete later. [pagefault]
* – ZSNES now displays the day it was compiled in the about box. [Nach]
* – Updated authors.txt, support.txt, thanks.txt, and todo.txt. [pagefault]

Et les Chips graphiques qui manquaient dans Zsnes ont à présent été implémentés (ouai SFA2 fonctionne enfin sous Zsnes):

We have also greatly improved support for special hardware in ZSNES v1.40.
These require special mention: Smile

– SuperFX core updates:

– SA-1 core updates:

– C4 core updates:
Research: anomie
Main Code: Nach
Special thanks to The Dumper and TRAC!

– DSP-1 core updates:
Data Retrieval: pagefault, Overload, The Dumper
Main Code: pagefault, Overload, The Dumper, neviksti, Andreas Naive, _Demo_
Integration: MKendora, Nach
Processing Code: pagefault, Nach

– DSP-2 Emulation:
Data Retrieval: Overload
Research: Overload, neviksti, MKendora, The Dumper, CaitSith2
Main Code: kentaro-k.21
Processing Code: pagefault, kentaro-k.21
Special thanks to Lord Nightmare!

– S-DD1 Emulation:
Data Retrieval: The Dumper, Dark Force, zsKnight, Gary Henderson
Research: Andreas Naive
Main Code: anomie
Processing Code: _Demo_, Nach
Special thanks to all the other developers and users who worked on this hard project!

– ST010 Emulation:
Data Retrieval: The Dumper, MKendora
Main Code: The Dumper, Overload, Feather, Nach
Processing Code: The Dumper
Code Fixes: pagefault

– Sufami Turbo Support (preliminary):

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