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Guru comes clean.

Guru has finally done the right thing and come clean about the entire progear scam he and HAZE pulled (MAMEdevers). This is something we though was the case all along but at least Guru has the balls to admit it publically after lying about it even more, see his confession in this thread here (providing it dosent get removed or altered which is a high possibility).

Make of it what you will but one thing is for sure, this person is dealing with donations and stuff and doing stuff like this simply lowers the image of the MAMEdev and makes one question how legitimately donations are handled. HAZE being the current MAMEdev front man should really know better.

I have placed my original news about this back on this page as I have been banned from the forums again. As far as I am concerned the matter is now closed as at least one person involved has come clean.

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