Voila une nouvelle version de cet émulateur de la bonne vieille NES dont voici les nouveautés :

# Added High Score Tracking for competitive game playing worldwide:
* When you play a classic game like Donkey Kong or Pac-Man, UberNES will now track your high scores
* Upload your high scores to the UberNES Internet Database to compete for the worldwide high score.
* Download the worldwide NES stats and see the best scores for each game. If you have the top score, your name will be displayed in the hall of fame.
* UberNES will automatically set the world wide high score when you play supported games – it’s like a single, worldwide NES that never gets turned off or reset.
* 13 games are currently supported, including Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Galaga, Tetris, Ghosts N’ Goblins, Mario Bros, Gradius, and more.

# Added exhaustive Game Genie code support:

* No more wasting time entering codes by hand – you can quickly and easily import thousands of Game Genie codes from our unique online code database – all in 2 clicks from within UberNES.
* Adding, editing, and deleting codes is seamlessly integrated into the NES browser.

# Improved NES Hall of Fame layout; looks much nicer and displays more games, publishers, etc

# Added option to load NES palette from file

# Added more box descriptions to NES database

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