Basé sur MAME cet émulateur supporte uniquement les gambling machines (jeux d’argent). Il s’agit du build Windows.

Managed to finally get together the new tools, and get them working reliably enough to process MAGE code.
In the process, I found a few minor issues in MAGE-specific drivers, which I’ve managed to shut up for now.
Adding new games has proven problematic in recent times (I can’t do this alone!), but a SEGA title arrived just on deadline.
It probably will never work, as it requires more than one machine connected, but since when did MAGE games have to work .
It’s another pontoon title, and it means that the current game ‘pontoon’ has been renamed to ‘ponttekh’, representing Pontoon (Tekhan).


As part of the bid to optimise the program, MAGE is planning to switch to a new, more common set of Windows-based compile tools (other OS’s should continue as per their maintainer’s wishes). There isn’t much space to deal with the changes here,
but the files in question are listed in the downloads section of MAGENET, under ‘Compile Utilities’.

In the interim, some error messages have been turned off (they’ve actually been off in MAGE compiles for some time), but eventually the fixes should come in and stabilise the program (the drivers which fail full compilation have been fixed in some way, but the corrected functions may not give the correct results (it’s difficult to tell, since said functions are unused).

It should also be noted that the Visual C extension support has been radically reworked, in order to be fully compliant with the new compiler regime. Things should still be fairly self-explanatory however.

Keeping things up to date with MAME core, not much else to report.
Some friendly soul (Lawrence Gold) has reworked the core to allow an easier fork from MAME source. As it stands, it means I can now update the source from a basic diff, rather than manually, which should lower turnaround time.

Generic CPU updates of little concern to the project in the short term, but useful nonetheless.

Windows Debugger Updates

Fixed some compile errors [Nathan Woods]

Misc updates [Aaron Giles]
* Added a « PC » register to the I386 core so that it should work in the new debugger
* Cleaned up stepping code
* Now refresh the display and all debugger windows after each step while stepping
* When running with the debugger window open (F5 or ‘go’), now update the debugger views
4 times per second
* Can now break into the debugger even if you are focused on a debugger window
* Memory/disasm windows now come up with the currently active CPU selected by default
* added a new command: focus , which is equivalent to ignoring all
other CPUs
* changed ignore and observe to support multiple parameters so you can say « ignore 2,3,4 »
* changed ignore so that you are not allowed to ignore the last CPU
* fixed ignore behavior so that other CPUs are truly ignored
* fixed register window so that change hilights are maintained during scrolling and updates
* changed debug memory accessors so they don’t log on invalid memory accesses
* tweaked the help text to indicate that help works
* added a new text attribute DCA_CURRENT, which is separate from DCA_SELECTED — the main
visible difference is that the memory view editing cursor is now hilighted red instead of

In-line memory editing is now supported. To do this, I added a generic
cursor concept to the view system. Each view can handle it however they
want. Right now only the memory view supports a cursor. [Aaron Giles]

Click in the memory view to place the cursor. Type over nibbles with 0-F, or
use the arrow keys to navigate around. Tab cycles between the edit box and
the memory editor. [Aaron Giles]

updated psx core to show more registers [smf]

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