Une nouvelle mise à jour de Kawaks vient de paraître, voici les changements:

New drivers:
– The King of Fighters 2002 (bootleg)
– The King of Fighters 2002 Plus (bootleg 2)
– The KOF Special Edition 2004 (hack)
– Added a no rotate vertical games option for the vertical CPS-1 and 2 games. This is very handy if you own a rotatable TFT screen.
– Fixed some games not showing when the ‘Hide Redundant Games’ option is used.
– Fixed Matrimelee (bootleg) to use the original bootleg V ROMs. Also fixed it to use the P roms from the parent set (data identical in both sets).
– Updated C5 ROM in Matrimelee as old was bad.
– Fixed Dynasty Wars DIP switches.

Merci Raz d’écouter les gens et de fixer ce qu’il fallait fixer 🙂

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