DeJap Translations a sorti la version 1.2 de son patch pour traduire en Anglais ce jeu Square (Super Nintendo). Cette version fixe les problèmes suivants :

– The checksum has been fixed. So if you apply this patch and your emulator says the checksum is bad, it means your original ROM was corrupt. Look elsewhere for the ROM. WE WILL NOT SEND ONE TO YOU OR TELL YOU WHERE TO GET ONE. If, after you apply the patch, the checksum is OK, then you have a good version of the ROM.
– Fixed instances in the script that might have frozen the game if you renamed a main character to a long name. This will fix the problems that a few people had in Chapters 6, 12, and 15.
– Also fixed some spelling and text consistency issues. Fixed a few item and dragon class names, as well. Thanks to those who gave me a heads-up on some of these.
– Re-edited a bit of the map dialogue text and other map messages.
– Fixed the dragon evolution line on the map scene. Thanks to all who provided us with save states.

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