Haze vient de poster un beau texte qui précise certaines choses sur le « pourquoi on veut pas des drivers de Raz » :

Cps2 Rejection .. Cps2 update wasn’t included quite simply because i’m sick of hearing about it. After about 7-8 submissions of one person claiming one thing based on their boards, and another person another based on theirs I stopped caring too much and put the driver on freeze until somebody has some actual useful contribution (such as decryption) instead of nitpicking over minor text details which it probably change between boards when there are far larger errors in the driver (the entire decryption method). I have better things to do with my time and am more inclined in this case to stick with internal submissions from MameDev members than external ones.

The NeoGeo frequencies will however be changed, that was an oversight when adding the new bios

For the Sega Hang-On hardware games you’ll need the zoom table rom from Enduro Racer in the sets or the sprites will be corrupt, Mame will not warn you about this as the said rom is currently marked as NO_DUMP in the driver

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