Pour en terminer avec les commentaires de Haze, Raz vient de poster dans le détail des informations sur tout ce qu’il avait annoncé dans les news précédentes.


Please do not make out that you are just piggy in the middle here, you have made it perfectly clear on IRC that you are being picky simply because the updates are from me. As to guru motives to say my updates are incorrect, I can only speculate but please remember two points. It was guru who said he measured the NeoGeo screen refresh at 60hz. Also lets remember his lies on the progear situation. This is going off topic but if you want to play Mr duality in what you put on your web page and what comes out of your mouth on IRC thats fine.

What I’m going to do here now is provide more details on why the changes I submitted are correct so even the average emulation user can confirm it, and to show you and guru are simply being silly and as a result are putting MAME accuracy into question. Remember many of these changes are are not even related to Gurus information (though some are). If you really want to remove all CPS-2 information from MAME then fine, it just again shows your intent to try and discount everything I provide. You have done it since 2001 from various lies about me and CPS2shock to getting yourself set as a MOD on CPS2 forums just to close them. Hating me is fine but don’t let the MAME project suffer as a result of your feelings.

Explication + screenshots sont de la partie, à voir !

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[Update 20H00] Haze répond:

Let me repeat again, there is a normal verification process, Gurus readme was changed, he didn’t accept the changes in his update, so the updates made weren’t included. Publically insulting me and other devs isn’t going to change that, you are an external submitter, a general member of the public, your submissions go through a verification process with whoever is in charge of the part in question. Simple.
Your changes are certainly not the only ones to be rejected / weren’t verified in time for u3. I don’t see anybody else making a huge public fuss over things. You’re not paying us, yet you’re giving us orders like you were while making a nice little profit out of selling Capcom’s material yourself?
I really can’t believe such a fuss is being made over some rejected text changes, this is somewhere between ridiculous and absurd as are the accusations from somebody who is known to have lied over and over again.
I’m quite frankly bored to death of this and would rather get on with making changes which actually do matter.

Puis finalement Haze vire tout et laisse ce dernier message:

Removed some stuff from the front page, its still in the source, but quite honestly I don’t like that junk making a mess of my front page.

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