Rompant avec 7 années de silence, Nicola Salmoria, L’Auteur de Mame, a lui-même créé son blog.

Charles has dumped complete tables for CPUs 317-0013A (Enduro Racer) and 317-0034 (Super Hang On). The latter has problems which hopefully will be sorted out soon.
The new tables will allow me to remove a kludge from machine/fd1089.c, and update it with full tables for these two CPUs. As far as running these games in MAME, nothing will change: the partial tables I created were already enough to run the games 100%.

The FD1089 encryption is really weak once the CPU has been broken, so it’s no surprise that Sega quickly abandoned it and moved on to the much more secure FD1094. It is possible (and actually quite easy) to break the encryption in a FD1089 game with only access to the encrypted data (a ciphertext-only attack). On the contrary, it’s impossible to find the key used by a FD1094 without physical access to the CPU (a chosen-ciphertext attack).

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Note de CT :
– je crois qu’avec tous ces blogs, on peut dire définitivement adieu au Mame Wip officiel.
– j’espère qu’il va faire une liste de tous les drivers à son actif, mais j’en doute.