Une organisation incroyable dans la MameTeam, déjà une update:

This has been released quickly after 0.91 due to a bug left in the Memory System.
I consider core bugs critical and prefer to see them fixed in official updates as
soon as possible.

Compiler Warning fixes for non-GCC compiles [Bryan McPhail]
cpuintrf.h – Duplicate enum
cpu/mh68hc11/hc11ops.c – C99 variable fix & warning fix
sound/streams.c – C99 variable fix
vidhrdw/pacman.c – C99 variable fix
vidhrdw/model3.c – C99 variable fix, unused variable fix
– macro redefinition fix
vidhrdw/namcona1.c – Fixed unused variable warning
vidhrdw/taitoic.c – Fixed unused variable warning
vidhrdw/wgp.c – Fixed unused variable warning
windows/debugwin.c – Missing #include

More compiler fixes [Lawrence Gold]
Trailing comma at the end of an enum.

ANSI C89 unfortunately doesn’t allow unnamed structs or unions, so I
had to uglify this code a bit. A cleaner solution is welcome.

Returning a value from a void function

Even more compiler fixes [Lawrence Gold]

Fixed SFTM on 64-bit builds/systems [R.Belmont]

Changes to Lethal Enforces [R.Belmont]
– Implemented 48xx bankswitch region, which can toggle between custom chip
registers and RAM (evil!).
– Removed hack to pass POST since we now do it the right way
– Corrected 56832 RAM interface, added preliminary support for external
linescroll RAM on the 56832. This helps with the garbage tilemaps a bit
since linescroll data is no longer getting sprayed all over VRAM.

(note, with this update the driver was just crashing when I tested it,
so maybe something is wrong)

NEC disassembler update [Bryan McPhail]
Added support for encrypted opcodes in i386 disassembler (for Irem games).
Added some of the NEC V series instructions into i386 disassembler

Fixed bug in memory system introduced in 0.91, this was breaking at least Kinst,
the Seattle driver, and wwally. [Aaron Giles]

Qix driver update [Nicola Salmoria]
– fixed hang in Electric Yo-Yo attract (elecyoyo055yel)
– external volume control and stereo support [Derrick Renaud]
– decrypted kram3, which is now working, unfortunately using large tables.

Fixed missing net in Super Vollyball (svolley37b12yel) [David Haywood]

Fixed garbage around life-bars in rabiolep (rabiolep37b1gre) [David Haywood]

Fixed? blanking out of levels at certain scores in Solomons Key (solomon36b10yel)
This appears to be some basic protection, needs further investigation [David Haywood]

Fixed Zero Zone background banking [David Haywood]

New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Gauntlet Legends [Aaron Giles]
Tenth Degree [Aaron Giles]
Kram (encrypted) [Nicola Salmoria]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING

Monza GP [Phil Stroffolino]
doesn’t display anything yet

Gauntlet Dark Legacy [Aaron Giles]
War: The Final Assault [Aaron Giles]
Road Burners [Aaron Giles]
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC [Aaron Giles]
NBA Showtime / NFL Blitz 2000 [Aaron Giles]
San Francisco Rush 2049 [Aaron Giles]
Cart Fury [Aaron Giles]

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