Vice, un émulateur Commodore 64 (win et dos) subit une mise à jour:

* Changes in VICE 1.16


– Improved accuracy of 65xx processor core emulation.

Drive changes

– Added support for idle traps to 1551 emulation.

C64 changes

– Fixed crash using REU emulation.
– A timing problem has been fixed using old NTSC mode.
– Some stupid char ROM display bug has been fixed.

C128 changes

– Fixed crash using REU emulation or CP/M mode.

PLUS4 changes

– Added proper TAP support.

Unix Changes

– Hardware scaling can be switched at runtime now.
– Fixed crash on machines with weird vidmode configurations.
– Fixed random crash if settings are saved.

MS-Windows changes

– Added support for userport or ACIA serial emulation to connect to
some TCP/IP port.
– It is possible to use the opencbm library from the cbm4win project
to access real devices (drives or printer) connected to the host
– Improved the keyboard emulation to allow symbolic keyboard mappings
at least for US-style keyboards. Notice: Many symbolic keyboard
mapping definitions are still missing at the moment.
– The joystick fire button can be selected for hardware joysticks.
– It is possible to attach disk/tape images read-only now.

Miscellaneous changes

– Fixed some crash in the file system emulation.
– Improved datasette motor emulation.

Télécharger VICE (Dos) v3.1 (29,3 Mo)

Télécharger WinVICE (32 bits) v3.3 (44,4 Mo)

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