Malgrès la récente « énorme » version 1.40, Zsnes continu sur sa lancé avec toujours plus de corrections et d’améliorations, voici un nouveau build compilé par Ipher:

– SRC: No longer need GNUWIN32 patch to compile ZSNESW with MinGW, thanks TRAC. [Nach]
– SRC: Port of statesaver/stateloader to C [grinvader]
– SRC: Code cleanup. [grinvader, Nach]
– W_S: Fix GUI using 100% cpu [pagefault]
– SDL: Added 1600×1200 ODS Full [grinvader]
– W_D: Added debug build support for MS ports. [Nach]
– GUI: Fixed bilinear filter in GUI [grinvader]
– ALL: Cleaned up C4 a bit, fixed Op22. [Nach]
– ALL: Readded corrected noise frequencies. [TRAC]
– ALL: Removed emms instruction from RestoreCVFrame becuase it’s not needed and just slows down things [pagefault]
– ALL: Fix starfox speed and a number of superfx issues for now [pagefault]
– ALL: Init DMA values to FF, thanks Overload [pagefault]
– ALL: Added info on load if ROM is patched. Fixed a minor code error in the proccess. [Nach]
– ALL: .data was not aligned, probably causing weird bugs [pagefault]
– ALL: Proper behaviour of H-IRQ when V-IRQ is active [pagefault]
– ALL: Overhauld save states and rewind (thanks grinvader). [Nach]
– ALL: SRAM load from Save toggle now in effect. [Nach, ipher]
– ALL: We are now vPre 1.43. [Nach]
– ALL: Netplay Fixes: Round 1 [grinvader, Nach]

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