Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de SMS dont voici les nouveautés:

-Improved compatibility.
-User can now customise it’s keyboard configuration.
-Support for both .sms and .zip format (.sms wasn’t supported anymore).
-Add possibility to save VDP Tiles into 128*224 bmp file. This was done first for debugging purposes, but it can be usefull for gfx rippers.
-Add a start/stop sound rip function. You can save partial sound track now.
-Correct bug that cause options -tv -fs together to crash under windows.
-Correct a bug in VDP, that cause some games to display corrupted gfx.
-Rewrote a good part of control/data port acces and VDP register write.
It’s faster, and more accurate. Data port read/write are buffered, like said
in charles MacDonald’s documentation.
-Correct Bug in Tile/Sprite priority. Robotnik and palmer are now
displayed in Sonic’s splash screen. This bug correct a lot of other game,
like star wars, sonic Chaos, Sonic Blast, Cool Spot ect…
-Soundshots, screenshots and tile rip are now prefixed with the game name
instead of static « snd_shot.wav’ ect …
-Debian package for Osmose and wxOsmose*
-External GUI (front end), wxosmose* see below for DL and screenshots.

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