UberNES est un émulateur NES tournant sous Windows écrit par MK Productions. Le but n’est pas de produire le meilleur projet de tout les temps ni le plus rapide d’ailleurs mais un nouveau projet qui contient des possibilité que n’offre pas les autres émulateurs…

– Added High Score trackers for 12 new games. You can now compete for the worldwide *high score in the following games:
*Super Mario Bros.
*RC Pro-Am
*Balloon Fight
*Burger Time
*Boulder Dash
*Super Sprint
*Defender 2
*Bubble Bobble
*Wrecking Crew

– Expanded High Score feature to display top 10 scores and players for each game, rather than just the top overall score.
– Modified Internet NES Stats structure; stats are now compressed and take less time to download
– Added support for 512k MMC1 games, Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 are now playable.
– Added more Game Genie codes to online code database
– Added more box descriptions to NES database
– In conjunction with this release, a NES High Scores page has been created that displays the current UberNES high scores for some selected games.

Télécharger GCC v3.2.2 v0.63 à v0.89 (6,4 Mo)

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