Récapitulatif des derniers jours:

(31st Jan 2005)

Nicola Salmoria decrypted the program code on Super Trio

R.Belmont sent another Lethal Enforcers update

Nicola Salmoria derived the Lethal Enforcers memory map from the Schematics and made some comments about the priority system.

Lawrence Gold reported and fixed a potential crash in the Windows version when a large number of gamepads are attached.

(1st Feb 2005)

David Haywood added preliminary support for Super Trio in the Tumble Pop driver, but it does not yet work properly.

Aaron Giles proposed some changes to the way rom sets are named in Mame, however for the most part it did not seem to be a popular suggestion so probably won’t be made.

Aaron Giles rewrote the uPD7759 core, fixing the sound in the System16 games.

Some discussion took place on the Circus Charlie title screen, the emulation was eventually determined to be correct.

Gerald noted that his Time Limit board only has 2 proms which match the 2 in the driver, there must be something else going on instead of it using 3 proms.

Lawrence Gold fixed a compiler error in the ARM7 core

Angelo Salese fixed a crash bug in Janshi Su-Chi-Pi Special caused by bad sound banking and sent a preliminary, non-working driver for ‘The Couples’

(2nd Feb 2005)

Aaron Giles also proposed some changes to the way Mame’s sound interfaces work. Olivier Galibert, Jarek Burczynski, Nicola Salmoria and others contributed to their ideas on the subject.

Discussion took place regarding the problem with the Mr Dos Castle dipswitch reading.

Nathan Woods fixed an obscure addressing mode bug in the g65816 core and made some minor MESS related changes to the windows code.

David Haywood sent a preliminary driver for Join ‘Em which just shows the test screen.

Nicola Salmoria fixed a transparency problem in GunSmoke, he also submitted a workaround for the Mr. Do’s Castle problem.

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