Une nouvelle version de cette excellent émulateur ZX Spectrum 128 et 48 viens de sortir.

[-] LoadZ80.dll fixed. This were affected RZX recording in many cases not allowing to record RZX correctly.
[-] Working under Windows9x fixed.
[-] Crashed in Open Dialog while holding arrow key pressed to move throw entire files list, fixed.
[-] A new bug fixed with keyboard remapping (key releases were not handled).
[*] Starting of the emulator a bit faster.
[+] NetPlay added. This is only the first release with NetPlay support, but it is already possible to connect between several clients and a server, watch what is playing on the server, and to play in time/divide mode. Chat also is working well.

Télécharger EmuPIA/EmuPIA7 (+LCD) (48,0 O)

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