Quelques infos sur ce que devrait inclure la prochaine release de Mame:

0.92 will probably be released at some point this weekend (assuming there are no problems)

I’m trying to collect as much of the recent WIP together before the release so I’m currently chasing up a few people on old drivers and screenshots they’ve posted.

There are a few things from Dox ( http://www.9wires.com/ts/mamewip.html ) I’m waiting for at the moment, it would be good to get the Eolith / Hyperstone updates included, as well as some of the older non-working WIP drivers such as Future Flash, Ping Pong King and the MACs driver (although the latter isn’t in a very good state right now so might not be possible).

I have all the progress shown by Reip ( http://www.citylan.it/reip/ ) so Rack + Roll will be included, as well as the Join ’em driver (which is an interesting and original little game)

I don’t have the Filetto driver from Kale ( http://www.citylan.it/kale/ but I have a feeling that might be some way from submission still.

Nicola has not yet submitted the SPI progress he shows on his page ( http://mamelife.blogspot.com/ ) which was just updated with some new shots, very very impressive work. I know many people would like to see it, but I can’t promise this progress will be in the next release.

I’d like to get my hands on Phil’s WIP ( http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~pjb118/wip.html ) too but I have a feeling its not going to happen.

NeoGeo support *may* be synced with Kawaks ( http://cps2shock.retrogames.com/ ) / Final Burn Alpha , but thats a very low priority. The new CPS2 xors will be supported.

R.Belmont’s Lethal Enforcers progress should be there, ad well as Aaron and Brian’s work on Golden Tee will be included. Basically anything mentioned on the WIP updates here should be included, except one or two external submissions which may need resyncing after the release.

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