Une nouvelle version de cette excellent émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48, 128, 128+2, 128+2A/+3 et Pentagon vient de sortir, en voici les nouveautés:

[*] Net Play developed more:
(+) Keyboard-separated games also are supported and it is possible to play the same game from several client PC’s with running emulators.
(+) Automatic switching rules (for time-separated games) can now be set very easy, there are no programmer skill required at all to setup a scenario). Simple example of such scenario provided for BATTY, just load it and try.
(+) Compression (UCL and LZip) also are supported.
(+) Hidden Moves mode made hidden also for Direct-X full screen.
(+) Keyboard state now provided by the server rather then restoring it while « replaying » frames like in Action Replay.
(+) Separate top menu item Net added in the main menu, and hot keys to control connection without switching to Connection window (Alt-0 – pass moves to the next player, Alt-1 – to the first, etc. to Alt-8 and Alt-9 to request moves).
(+) Also some bugs fixed on connection/disconnection, so working with Net Play became more stable and speed of playing over network became more reliable. Now Net Play tested in a local network with two computers connected and works well in such case.

[-] Some possible problems with graphic output fixed, especially for Windows9x and low desktop resolutions. Working under 16 colors on real hardware can be still slow (case of 1 bit per pixel, 4 planes). But other modes work fast enough now. If 320x200x256 video mode requested for DirectX full-screen but the hardware can not satisfy this request,the next mode 640x400x256 is tryed.

[*] Smooth Scale graphic filter now requires only MMX, and not need SSE2 to be available (so it can work on Pentium II with MMX, at least).

[*] Configuration dialog redesigned a bit to fit in lowest resolution display (640×400).

[+] An option added ‘Dynamic priorities’ (in the Configuration), by default it is reset. It has effect in NT/2K/XP and controls treads priority on-fly achieving in some cases better performance (but setting permanent task priority can stop working).

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