Un bon émulateur SNES derrière le duo ZSNES/SNES9X. En voici les améliorations:

5A22: Corrected decimal fixup in ADC/SBC instructions to not allow multiple carries/borrows [TRAC]
Input: Prevented input code from reading sticks that were not providing digital input due to needing calibration [TRAC]
Memory map: Corrected a scarcely used area of the LoROM map [TRAC]
Render: Disabled drawing of sub-screen layers when screen arithmetic disabled [TRAC]
5A22: Fixed a bug in timing code that could cause crashes [TRAC]
5A22: Fixed a bug which broke H-IRQ timing [TRAC]
Timing: Moved display start to H=1 and hblank start to H=274, per recent research [TRAC]
APU: Fixed a serious bug in OUTX reading [TRAC]
Source: Changed memory access emulation code to be more cache-friendly [TRAC]
Source: Fixed format of include path specification argument for GCC 3.4.x [TRAC]
Sound: Hacked in some code to try to make the Win32 port prefer the DSound mixer over the Allegro mixer, alleviates serious audio latency issues [TRAC]
Misc: Added support for reading .jma files [Nach]
ROM loader: Minor clean-up in ROM loading code [Nach]
Memory map: Fixed a few bugs that could cause bad addresses to be used, sometimes leading to faults [TRAC]

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