Ce très bon émulateur multi-console sega est le premier à émuler les (5 !) jeux 32X CDs, et la souris Megadrive. Au moins du même niveau que Gens+Meka. steve snake en est l’auteur. Ce build remplace les projets précédent à savoir Kega et Kega Lazarus.

Oui oui, on passe de la version 0.1e à la 3.0! Pourquoi?


You may have noticed the big jump in the version number? Somebody commented
that they didn’t bother trying Fusion, because of the low version number…
Well, since there has been Kega, Lazarus, and now Fusion, that makes this
Kega 3.0, right? 😉

Voici les améliorations:

* Fixed problem with 32X PWM when changing SampleRate.
* Added Genesis Border Colour Emulation, and option to disable it.
* Small fix to 6 button pad code (Double Switch – thanks TascoDeluxe).
* Much improved Sega Mouse support.
* Config Dialog now remembers what page you were on 🙂
* Removed ISO/BIN reading for SegaCD – this is now handled by the BIN/CUE
engine. You won’t notice any difference, but trust me, its better 😉
* Fixed bug in BIN/CUE engine when multiple files were used.
* Added MP3 support to the BIN/CUE engine. Yes, this means that Fusion now
supports ISO/MP3. Fusion uses the Windows Codec and therefore contains
no patented algorithms. Too many people asked for this feature, so
although I didn’t really want it, it’s now there.
* VSync now works in Windowed mode. Be aware that this can severely slow
down the emulator, especially if your monitor is not set to a multiple
of 50hz or 60hz, depending on the region of the game you are playing.
* Made improvements to both Standard and Alternate Timing modes.
* Added Pro Action Replay support for the Genesis.
* Added GameGenie and Pro Action Replay support for the GameGear and Master
* Added CodeFinder for Pro Action Replay.
* Fusion should now be compatible with WinXP Visual Styles.
* Added « Fast Forward » mode. Probably doesn’t work if VSync is enabled…
* Various small optimisations.
* Fixed a couple of minor issues affecting the SegaCD BIOS CD Player only.
* When Fixed Aspect is disabled, Filtering is enabled, and you are running
an NTSC (USA/JAP) game, the screen will now be slightly stretched. This
works for all consoles. Stretching does not happen for PAL games, because
PAL TVs show more lines than NTSC TVs, and because some PAL games use the
extra portion of the screen (Virtua Fighter 32X, for example). And no, it
doesn’t completely remove the Master System border. That would look very,
very wrong.
* Now supports up to 24 Render Plugins. This should now be way more than
* Switched around the naming of the various Scanline modes. People like it
better this way.
* Fusion will now start in fullscreen mode if it was exited from that mode.
* Other stuff that I’ve forgotten.

Still some major work planned for Fusion, once I get my life back…

Anyway, hope you like the additions to this release, and hope I didn’t
break anything. I’ll have to start documenting some of this stuff properly,

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