De nouveaux builds de cet émulateur d’Amiga viennent de sortir après une longue période sans aucune nouvelle. Voici les principales améliorations:

1. New sprite handler

The emulation core has been upgraded with a new sprite handler. The missing
sprites within SuperFrog, Alien Breed, Hybris & Shadow of the Beast are now
visible. Next to this, a sprite priority bug has been fixed. This fixes graphical glitches
within Bart vs. the Space Mutants and Cannon Fodder. The sprite emulation is still
far from perfect and improvements can be expected within future releases.

2. Conversion of assembly code to C code

The emulation core of Fellow was mainly written in assembly code. This made it
hard to fix bugs and hard to add features. It also makes WinFellow dependent on
x86 compatible CPU’s. We started conversion of all assembly code. Already more
then 45% of this code has been converted to C code. Almost all chipset related
assembly has been converted and mainly the 68k (cpu) emulation needs to be done.
If correctly done, the end user should not see any difference, it is a future investement
into Fellow (the emulation core of WinFellow). It will make Fellow portable to other
platforms (PowerPC G5 (Apple), Samsung ARM Processor (HP iPAQ) and the Intel
PXA270 processor (PalmOne Zire 72)) and make it easier to add features and fix

3. User friendly configuration file handling

The loading and saving of configuration files is now left to the user, instead of WinFellow writting every made change directly to disk.

Télécharger WinFellow 0.4.4 Build2 (DX3) 06.05.05 (258,9 Ko)

Télécharger WinFellow 0.4.4 Build 4 (DX5+) (302,8 Ko)

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