Une nouvelle version de Nebula v2.17 est disponible ! Voici les nombreuses nouveautées… en attendant la 2.17a ?


– Improved sound emulation : Volume should be correct (or almost) now. Note pitch improved.
– Fixed missing background in a KOV stage.
– Added an option to capture the current music to a file to load it in jukebox (PZM files). Calendar is disabled when netplay or recording movies. This will (should :)) avoid desyncs.

CPS2 :

– Fixed some finish specials being wrong in the bottom of Manhattan stage in mshvsf.

CPS1 :

– Fixed missing helicopters and buildings in cawing.


– Fixed (again) sengoku3 decrypted driver.
– Fixed Irritating Maze controls. You can use the mouse to move the rod (this game cabinet has a trackball).
– Fixed missing 2 lines at the bottom of the screen of games using rasters (most noticeable in mslug2, galaxyf, mosyougi)


– Added some language translations (Italian, Korean, Chinese, Dutch)
– Fixed 50% scanlines at 640×480
– Added a « Step Frame » button to the shot factories (window mode)
– Added some Force Feedback tables by Iron Man.
– Added a small skin option to the windowed GUI. Any PNG file in the SKINS folder will be randomly chosen and displayed in the nebula window on startup when no game is loaded.

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