Une nouvelle version Beta de ce très bon frontend, est disponible sur le site officiel.

A beta version of EasyMame?

Some people requested support for icons so I finaly got into writing the code for this feature.
Because I want to keep EasyMame as smooth and fast working as possible I need some input from you the user what you think about the results.
The feature works quite well when the icons are unzipped to the icons folder so no worries there (actually its very fast). On the other hand, when you use the icons.zip things may get a little more complicated. EasyMame has to stream the icons from the zip file and because this is all done in realtime this requires some horsepower.
Another possibility is to get the index from the zip file – as some other FEs do – but this has a long initialising process which is something I really do not like.

If you want to help me ironing out some things please feel free to use this beta version and tell me what you think. Is it fast enough? Suggestions?

To be honest – if I cannot get the speed a little higher I will not implement this feature in the final release.

Note : EasyMame 5 Beta is only tested with the ‘standard’ mame icons set. (all 32×32 icons)
I didn’t tested the mamu icons but it should work 🙂
I also know that the standard ‘largeicon chip’ used is not very sharp but this is a beta version after all isn’t it? 🙂

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