Nouvelle version de ce très bon plugin vidéo pour émulateur N64 et spécialement pour 1964. En voici les améliorations:

1. External high resolution texture loading. Read HiRezTexture.txt for further information
2. Texture group dumpping
3. Zelda MM point lighting
4. Software vertex clipper problem fix by not using inline for a few important functions.
Microsoft C++ compiler did a very bad job of optimization before. By converting these inline
functions to regular functions, the clipper works with much less glitches now.
5. Some fixes on a few color combiners, including DirectX high-end, opengl 1.2/1.3, opengl 1.4,
Nvidia openg register combiner. You may see various improvement on these combiners if you
are using them.
6. Various DirectX frame buffer related fixes
7. Using BMGLibPNG to handle PNG files. The include BMGLibPNG.dll file must be placed under
your emulator folder, not the plugin folder.

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