Un émulateur ZX Spectrum conçu pour tourner sous Windows 2000. Il porte le surnom de « Unreal » car il possède des fonctions que n’ont jamais eu les vrai Spectrum tel que : sauvegarder/chargement rapide, catpure d’écran, pause, accélération…

! asm/disasm of DD/FD+ED (out (c),xl, etc) [fb MadCat]
@ ini [SOUND]SoundBuffer=2 changed back to 6 (was unstable)
! fixed bug in GS emulation [fb Moroz]
* trace step removes « cpu halted » mode [sb lvd]
! disk image filename was not changed after « Save As » [sb AlCo]
+ memory R/W breakpoints. new gui for bp manager (Alt-C)
* switching to/from ATM XT mode without resetting controller [sb Gambler]
+ tactmeter [sb Spectre]
! noflic did not work in 8-bit and GDI modes with scanlines
+ GIGASCREEN on #EFF7 bit 4, without multicolors yet (use with noflic)
+ option for alternative (interlaced) noflic algoritm for filter=double
+ paste text from clipboard [sb Alco, elf/2]
* anti-text64: fonts from ACE,PC20 in default fontset
+ anti-text64: search font in external file
+ anti-text64 detects inverted characters [sb AlCo]
! closing on ALT-F4 sometimes didn’t ask « save? yes,no,cancel »
* register #0B bit 2 of CMOS RTC controls binary/BCD mode
* new option [VIDEO]DetectModel (description in unreal.ini)
+ Kondrat’yev ISA modem [mapped to windows driver for real modem]

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