Une nouvelle version de VirtuaNES vient de sortir. Voici les nouveautées :

Additions :

– Add an option depending on VSync with a Window mode. (Because doesn’t change UI, can set only with an INI file. Please set WindowVSync of a [Graphics] section of INI in 1. In addition, please use the one that is enacted in 60Hz because depends on a refreshment rate of a desktop for 60Hz after changing. Return besides it, and vibration can occur.)
– Add an indication option of a pad state in movie playback. (Can set only with an INI file. Please set PadDisplay of a [Movie] section of INI in 1. In addition, be assumed that takes a snapshot a snapshot a picture of a pad together.)
– Add date and time indication to a state slot menu.

Changements :

– State data form a few change.(old data are readable)

Revisions :

– Correct that a system resource can be short when uses MemoryView.
-Measures tried to do that there was the environment where the key which didn’t set had reacted to when they pushed Web keys with shortcut and a controller.
– A rectangle wave and triangle wave a few revision.
-A color corrects that disguises when uses 2 times rendering option in 24bit color mode.
– Correct that there can be the thing that playback doesn’t go well when takes and uses rectification of a movie.
-AppendRecord corrects that there isn’t the workmanship when doesn’t prohibit rerecord of a movie.

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