6 versions de Mame en 8 jours on a rarement fait mieu, à présent on va faire aussi vite que les releases:

Mostly bugfixes related to problems caused by the 0.93 sound update

Fixed itech32 driver, the previous 64-bit fix caused graphical problems
both should be fixed now [Aaron Giles]

Fixed ‘3 speaker problem’ with Qsound [Aaron Giles]

Fixed ‘deadang’ crashing [Aaron Giles]

Fixed games using the 5110 which refused to start (bagman, cvs driver
etc.) [Aaron Giles]

Other sound fixes [Aaron Giles]
* fixed initialization order problem in niyanpai
* removed unused filters in othunder
* fixed initialization order problem in rungun
* prevented setting negative timers to fix stkclmns crash
* fixed triplfun by making sure the X1-010 chip is present before trying to
reset it
* sound in outrun

fixed cheat.c typo + other [Atari Ace]

attempted to fix batrider crash [Aaron Giles]

Intel Flash improvements [smf]

Fixed Laser Ghost title screen [Aaron Giles]

Discrete sound updates [Derrick Renaud]

Started cleaning up konamigx driver [R.Belmont]

Fixed auto_malloc compiler warning with DOS tools [smf]

Updates to XML output [Logiqx]

New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Excelsior [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
no sound (PIC not dumped)

Star Fire 2 [David Rolfe]

Tecmo World Cup Millenium [smf]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING

Calorie Kun [David Haywood]
preliminary driver, basic tilemap + sprites hooked up

Pipeline [David Haywood]
rom loading, not much else.

On a compilé les builds pour vous.

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