Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur payant (win+dos) de GameBoyAdvance dont voici les changements:

– Added a routine that guesses correct FlashROM ID and the FlashROM or EEPROM size from the cartridge ID. Super Mario Brothers 3 and Pokemon Sapphire work now. Use -guesshw and -defaulthw options to switch guessing on and off.
– Added DirectDraw-based full screen mode to VGBA-Windows. Press [ALT]+[ENTER] to switch in and out of the full screen mode. Use it with caution, as DirectDraw is notoriously unstable.
– Fixed ARM LDM/STM opcodes to ignore lower two bits of address.
– Fixed ARM MSR opcode to allow setting any of the four areas in the CPSR and SPSR registers.
– Fixed a bug in the character screen drawing code that could crash the program.
– Finally fixed the time counting bug that caused bad sound distortions in many games, especially when using the -ds 1 sound rendering option.
– Now resetting the line coincidence flag on writes to DISPSTAT to enable line coincidence interrupts at each scanline (F-Zero 2).
– Changed FastSet() BIOS call to round transfer size to the nearest multiple of 8 quads (32 bytes) and check source address for bounds.
– Fixed several bugs in the MIDI logging code and the MIDI sound driver in VGBA-Windows.
– Added fast-forwarding option ([PAGEUP]).
– Added TV raster simulation to VGBA-Windows and VGBA-MSDOS.
– Added VGBA-Windows options to set FlashROM ID and hardware guessing mode.
– Raised the maximal « Sync to… » frequency to 200Hz.
– Window size and position are now saved on exit in VGBA-Windows.

Il vous en coutera 27.49 euros.

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