Un émulateur QL shareware tournant sous Windows 9x/NT.

– Keyboard emulation is now compatible with Windows dead keys when using Sinclair or Minerva ROMs.
– Completed keyboard emulation for non-standard QL ROMs.
– Q-emuLator now accepts non-standard ROMs up to 80KB long, and expansion ROMs up to 32KB long.
– Fixed microdrive copy protection emulation (it was failing on fast PCs).
– Improved user manual in PDF format (courtesy of Phoebus Dokos).
– Added setup program to install/uninstall Q-emuLator.
– New trap to allow QL programs to close the emulator.
– Relative paths can now be used to specify the location of ROMs, PC directories and QXL.WIN files. The emulator is now also partially resistant to files being moved around. For example, if you change the PC drive letter for the hard disk containing the emulator executable and your QL software, in many cases Q-emuLator will still be able to find your QL software, even if the .qcf configuration file still specifies the old disk drive letter.

Télécharger Q-emuLator v3.2.1 (1,9 Mo)

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