Une nouvelle version WIP pour cet émulateur Sega 8Bits qui est à présent disponible, en voici les améliorations:

– In SMS mode, fixed color filling when VDP rendering is disabled.
Previously disabled parts where filled with black, instead of the current
border color. No commercial game exhibited the problem. Chris Cowell’s
port of Aleste 2 from GG to SMS did.
– Development:
– Tile viewer now display tile starting address.
– Tile viewer now update information while mouse hovering.
– When used in the interface, analog peripherals supported by the mouse now
only perform their action if the mouse has focus on the game window.
This prevent accidental in-game shooting when using tools or debugging.
Of course, you should not use the interface if you only intend to play.

Télécharger Regen (Debug) v0.972 (874,4 Ko)

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