Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de NES dont voici les nouveautés:

– Added High Score trackers for 10 new games, bringing the total to 35 games that UberNES users can compete for the worldwide high score in. The new games are:
– Contra
– Dr. Mario
– Zanac
– Ninja Gaiden
– Millipede
– Dig Dug
– Guerilla War
– Stinger
– Galaxian
– Mega Man

– Added « Top Scorers » section to Nintendo Hall of Fame:
– You can now see who the top UberNES players are, as ranked by their scores in High Score-enabled games.
– Players are ranked using a fair, normalized system that rewards players for both setting very high scores and coming close to existing high scores.
– There are many different scoring categories, including:
– Top Shooting Game Players
– Top Platform Game Players
– Top Puzzle Game Players
– Top Racing Game Players
– Top « Black Box Game » Players
– Top Overall Players

– Added much better full-screen support:
– You can choose any resolution supported by your display device.
– Effects like scanlines and image-stretching can be used in higher resolutions.

– Improved speed and functionality of NES Browser
– Added more box descriptions to NES database

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