Voici (encore) une nouvelle version de cet émulateur NeoGeo Pocket dont les améliorations apportées depuis hier sont dispo ci-dessous:

– Fixed a bug in the RLC.L instruction that would crash NeoPop during « Card Fighters ». Thanks mfm005!

– Loading a state refreshes the debugger (if applicable)

– Optimised the release build by removing more debugging information. Split ‘getX()’ into ‘getX_dis()’ and ‘fetchX()’ for disassembly and execution. Hope this makes it a bit faster for you ShogetsuHS!

– Added H flag support to DAA. Fixed the results a bit, but it still doesn’t pass Judge’s CPU test…

– Fixed ADD/ADC in all modes, wasn’t extending carry bit (I think) Hasn’t fixed anything.

– Removed the ‘bad instruction’ filter – it’s always on, but this will only generate occasional messages as almost all of the opcodes are written.

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